What's Happening

Daily Announcements - Week of April 25

Monday April 25

Lunch: Corn Dog, baked beans, apple slices

●       4:15 B & G Golf at North Union   Dismiss at 1:50

●      4:30  JH Girls Track at West Hancock  Dismiss at 3:05

●      5:30 B & G Soccer vs Hampton   at Home

●      4:30  V Girls Track at Lake Mills  Dismiss at 2:35

●      Students-we have too many of you regularly leaving classes multiple times per day, and sometimes several times each period.  As hall monitors notice regular offenders, we will not longer allow those students to leave classrooms during the period.

Tuesday April 26

Lunch: Chicken and noodles, wheat bread, peas/carrots, fruit cocktail

●      4:30 JH Boys Track at Home

●      4:30  V Boys Track at GHV   Dismiss at  3:05

●      5:30 V Soccer at Iowa Falls  Dismiss at 3:05


Wednesday April 27

Lunch: Popcorn Chicken, frosted cinnamon roll, carrots, orange wedges

●      11:34   Bronco Pride

●      Graduation Speech Tryouts will be held today

●      Today is the last day of the midterm, which means we only have a few weeks left.  Finish strong by ensuring that your work is turned in on time and done well!


Thursday April 28

Lunch: French Toast Sticks, sausage patty, potato smiles, banana,

●      2:30  Mad about Money for grades 7-8

●      4:00  Esports ~ BK Smite vs. Thomas Jefferson HS

●      5:30  B & G Soccer at GHV   Dismiss at 3:30


Friday April 29

Lunch: Pizza Crunchers, marinara sauce, broccoli, diced pears

●      Food Truck Day!!!!

●      4:15  B & G Golf at GHV   Dismiss at 2:50

●      4:30  JH Girls Track at GHV  Dismiss at  3:20

●      4:30  V B & G Track at Hampton   Dismiss at 2:50