A Message from the Director of Transportation Brandon Allen


NOTE These times are approximate be at least 5 minutes early till the times get set. If you have any question on routes feel free to email me at brandon.allen@bkcsd.org


  • 7:35am – Belmond corner of 1 ST street SE and 2 ND AVE SE Bus #12

  • 7:35am – Belmond Corner of W Main and 4 TH AVE NW Bus # 4

  • 7:35am – Belmond Corner of 1 ST street SE and 6 TH AVE SE Bus #10


  • 7:15 am - Rowan on corner of Main and Elizabeth. Bus #12


  • 7:37am – Goodell corner of Broadway and 2ND street Bus #24


  • 7:15 corner of east main st. and 3rd st. across from town mart bus #5

  • 7:17 two stops on Jerusalem same as last year west of the tracks bus #5

Looking forward to another school year!

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Brandon Allen

Transportation Director for BKCSD

641-444-4300 ext 2240