Beginning in the Fall of 2023-24 Athletic paperwork and registration for high school and middle school will be done via Bound.

You will need this information in order to register your student for activities:

  1. Student name, address, date of birth, legal gender, phone number, and email address *this cannot be the student’s school email* (if your student has neither of these you can enter the parent's phone number and email address).

  2. You will be asked to enter your child’s height and shirt size

  3. Emergency contact name and phone number (Please make sure you add all parents/guardians) 

  4. On the medical page, you will be asked to give consent for physician treatment and transport should an injury occur. You have the option to enter insurance information but it is not required.

  5. You will need to upload your child's current physical 

    1. If you have submitted your child’s current physical to the high school or middle school please email  with your child’s name.

Bound Directions for Parents. 

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Registration tab

  3. Click on the Find My Students tab

    1. If your student's name is listed verify the information and check the box & continue to step 4.

    2. If your student’s name is not listed you can add them using a computer, if you're using a phone you will have to contact with your name and your student’s name-YOU WILL STOP HERE.

  4. You will see activity options to register for. CLICK all sports & activities that your child will participate in during the 23-24 school year

    1. You will now select the JH or HS option

      1. If your child is in 7th or 8th grade you will select JH

      2. If your child is in 9-12th grade you will select HS

    2. You will complete all sections under student.

    3. Click Green Continue Registration button

  5. Documents

    1. To complete this section you will click the green arrow

    2. You must complete these sections

      1. Heads Up Concussion

      2. Consent to Treat

      3. Good Conduct Code 

      4. Sport Physical

        1. Can be a picture of page 4 of the new physical form

        2. Must have a visible date and must be signed by a parent AND doctor

  6. Once paperwork is uploaded Registration is complete.