conditions of learning survey

Thank you for participating in the Conditions for Learning

Survey for Parents and Families!

Your participation in the Survey means your school will have valuable feedback for identifying
areas of strengths and areas for improvement. Follow the instructions below to complete the
Survey – it should take less than 20 minutes.

You may submit one response for each child.

1. Access the Survey

Click on the link  to access the Survey in English

Click on the link to access the Survey in Spanish.

2. Select Your School

On the main landing page, you will see two drop down lists.
● If your student is in grades Preschool-5, select from the first list.
● If your student is in grades 6-12, select from the second list.

When you have found the school at which your student attends, click the “Take This Survey”
button to begin.

On the next page, confirm that the district and school names are correct.
If they are not correct, go back to select the correct school.

3. Complete the Survey

Once you have confirmed the district and school name are correct, read the instructions and
begin answering the questions. All questions are optional, and you may skip any you do not
want to answer.

When you are done answering questions, be sure you click the blue “Submit” button at the end
to submit your response. If you exit the window before doing this, your responses will not be
saved and you will need to begin again.

4. Optional - Submit Another Response
If you would like to respond for another child after submitting your response, click on the “Take
Another Survey” button. You will be directed back to the school selection page to start a new

That’s it! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the school.