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quarterly newsletter from Mr. Albertson February 15, 2022

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. –

Malcolm X  

character pillars

Character are the mental and moral qualities of an individual. The 6 pillars that make up positive character are listed here in the graphic below. I think each and every one of us can identify when others aren't adhering to these principles in a positive way, all we have to do is look around. The purpose of this opportunity is to identify ways that we can utilize the 6 pillars to improve our own character. It's really easy to do these 6 things well when things are going our way, but they are more challenging when we feel other people are not using one of them towards us.  When we feel like people are treating us unfairly is exactly when we need to be practicing each of the 6.

1. Citizenship - be a helper in your school and community, lead by example and do what is right even when you aren't noticed for it.

2. Responsibility - take care of the things that you are in control of and over, as a student much of our responsibility is how we treat others and take care of business in the classroom.

3. Fairness - treat others like you want to be treated

4. Caring - take care of the needs of others

5. Trustworthiness - even when people aren't watching, we show others we are trustworthy when we act in a positive manner.

6. Respect - using uplifting words to and about people, even when they are not kind to us.


This year we are using "I Have a Plan Iowa" for our Individual Career and Academic Planning If you ever need to access your account so that you can browse careers, colleges and academic pathways, use this link and your username/password information that you created during our careers lessons. If you need help getting in, please bring your computer and see me in the counseling office.


In Roughy 1 month, Third Quarter ends on March 17th. We get your Semester grade in each class by averaging your third and fourth quarter grades. It will be important to perform well and keep up with assignments in core classes, Summer School is assigned in May 2022 to students who get behind in academic requirements.

Junior Highers - 7th Graders, it is time to start thinking about which music options you will choose for 8th grade. 8th Graders - we will work together in your careers lessons to determine which electives you will choose to pursue in 9th grade.  Each semester, you will have 3 slots open for elective courses, a study hall can be used in one of those slots so you can keep up on your classes - if needed.

9-12 Electives for Next Year

In the end of February I'm going to start looking at which electives students have chosen for next year. Please go into your infinite campus student portal and click on academic plan, in the electives box, choose 4-8 electives that you would be interested to take next year. Then click save in the top left corner.

Sophomores and Juniors

Next year, we are offering 4 NIACC level courses that will earn three college credits each, and these are available to upperclassmen. Exploring Careers and Computer Business Apps are taught by Mrs. Mennenga. Animal Science and Intro to Ag Business are taught by Mrs. Barkela.  Add those courses to your "Academic Plan" in your Infinite Campus Student Portal if you are interested in taking any of them next year.

Here is a link that will take you to our BKHS Course Description Guide if you would like to see which classes are available at our school.

BKHS Course Description Guide

Seniors - If you are attending college next year you will want to make sure you have filled out applications to those colleges. You will also want to make sure you have your FAFSA filled out so that you have access to the Future Iowa Ready Last Dollar Scholarship (program specific for each 2 yr college) and other loan forgiveness programs if you are planning on taking out school loans.

Juniors - If you missed your Senior Planning meeting with me, please stop down and let's talk about your future planning and what opportunities you would like to take advantage of next year. 

Sophomores - If you missed your Junior Planning meeting, please stop down so we can talk about how you want your schedule to look next year.

Silver Cord - If you are working on obtaining community service hours to earn a silver cord for graduation, you can get forms from Krista in the library and submit them to the front office, library or the counseling office. 

NIACC Half-Day Programs - For the 2022-23 academic year, there are still openings in a number of programs at NIACC for 2023 Seniors. There are openings in the Rockwell Academy, Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance, Industrial Systems Technology, Building Trades, Tool and Die. If you have an interest in doing one of these programs, you need to talk to me so that we can get your name on the list and start registration. It is not possible to register in the Fall before these programs start.

Board of Regents Colleges - Iowa, ISU and UNI - are ACT test optional going forward.  See article for more information.  However, you may still need ACT for academic scholarships you wish to pursue.

Upcoming ACT dates include April 2nd. Register toward the end of February for that test. The ACT is a 4 year college entrance exam. Register at if you would like to take the test. Students that are on free/reduced lunch and have their paperwork filed with the front office are eligible for a fee-waiver. Talk to Mr. Albertson if you have questions. There are also tests in June and July at NIACC if that time frame works better for you.

Juniors - if you want Composition I next year for your Senior English, you will need to score a 16 on the English section of the ACT to be eligible. Bring me a copy (or e-mail it to me) of your name with your English score when you want to register for Composition I so that you will be able to show NIACC your eligibility. See me for any questions.

College representatives frequently visit Belmond-Klemme in the Fall and Spring. Upcoming visitors include Northwest Iowa CC on March 9th, Iowa State on March 11, and Ellsworth CC on April 5th. More specific information is always found in your google calendar.

BKHS Graduates Finding Success at the College Level

Central College in Pella Iowa - Kenedie Gabrielson (2021) achieved the Dean's List for a 3.5 GPA.

At St. Olaf in Northfield, MN - Grace Wertjes (2019) made the Fall 2021 Dean's List for 3.5 GPA

At NIACC in Mason City, Alex Wessels (2020)  made the Fall 2021 Dean's list for achieving a 3.5 GPA for the semester.

At University of Iowa - Gustavo Suarez (2019) and Emma Schroeder (2020) made the 2021 Fall Dean's List for 3.5 GPA

At Iowa State University, Alex Buseman (2018) Keaton Buseman (2016), Stefany Naranjo (2018), Kobe Negrete (2018), Isaac Sorenson (2019), Josephine Trager (2016), Allison Wessels (2017) achieved the Dean's list for a 3.5 GPA for the Fall semester at ISU.

At the University of Northern Iowa, Jonah Christianson (2020), Jaydon Gansen (2020), Wyatt Heideman (2020), Sergio Suarez (2018), Valeria Torres (2021) are BK graduates who achieved the Dean's List for Spring 2021, students achieved a 3.5 GPA.