Biography: Superintendent Dan Frazier

Dr. Daniel L. Frazier is currently Superintendent of Education for the Belmond-Klemme Community School District in Belmond, Iowa. Dr. Frazier he began his service to the district in the fall of 2017.

Dr. Frazier is an experienced school administrator, serving five years as a public school superintendent in Minnesota, thirteen years in Iowa, and two years overseas prior to his arrival in Belmond-Klemme CSD. A former secondary English teacher, Frazier also has experience as an activities director, assistant principal, and middle school principal.

Frazier earned his bachelor degree from Morningside College in Sioux City. He earned a masters degree from the University of Nebraska, a specialist degree from Drake University in Des Moines, and his doctorate on campus from the University of Nebraska.

Frazier's prior leadership role was at Independent School District 465 in Litchfield, Minnesota, for five years. Working with the staff and community there, Frazier was part of the district's initiative to integrate 21st Century instructional methods, augmented with digital learning tools for all students in grades K-12. The district also became a state leader in Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) learning. For these two initiatives, the district was recognized by the Minnesota TIES organization with the 
School District Leadership award in December of 2015.

Before that, Frazier was at Sioux Central school in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, for six years. While there, he was the Chair of the Superintendents Association for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 and served on the superintendents' leadership and planning committee and as the legislative liaison for Area 8. He took a leadership role in creating the new Twin Lakes Activities Conference. Sioux Central was among the first one-to-one laptop schools in the state of Iowa, and it was recognized for the way it was changing instruction for the 21st Century. Frazier was recognized by 
eSchool News and its sponsors as National Tech-Savvy Superintendent of the Year for 2012.

A native of Guthrie Center, Iowa, Frazier attended public school in Harlan, Iowa, where his father served as superintendent for 25 years.

Prior to Sioux Central, Frazier returned from an overseas assignment. For two years, he served as the superintendent of education for the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in the Marshall Islands of the South Pacific. The Marshall Islands lie 2,500 miles southwest of Hawai’i. The United States liberated the Kwajalein Atoll from the Japanese during World War II, and our military has kept a base there since. The islands now serve as a high-tech missile testing range with radar installations. It is a major component of our nation’s emerging missile defense capabilities. Frazier managed the school that served the children of military personnel, civilian contractors, and a native population there.