Absence Procedures

Absence procedures

In the event of an absence, the parent is to notify the school by 9:00 a.m. of the day missed, so that the principal may make a determination to excuse or not excuse the absence.  If notification is not received, the office attempts to contact the parents. 

If calling the attendance line, a detailed message with a reason for the absence must be left.  If no reason is left, the student will automatically be listed as Unexcused Absence (UA).  Iowa State law stipulates that only the School’s Administration may determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.  Parents may ask to have their child excused up to 5 times per quarter for illness.  After 5 absences, one of the following criteria are to be met in order for an absence to be excused:

  • Illness – after 5 absences in the semester, a doctor’s note is required or the school nurse’s approval to excuse illness.

  • Death in immediate family or family emergency.

  • Funerals.

  • Family trips or educational trips must be approved by the administration in advance.  Trips scheduled during the first week or last week of school will not be excused unless it is a school-related trip.

  • Other absences pre-approved by contacting the school administration

For more information see BK JH/HS Student Handbook; pgs 13-14.