HS Senior Timeline - When to get stuff done.

High school senior year! This is the big one. If you are the parent of a senior in high school, you know that the coming months are packed with:

…and more.


Get ready for SENIOR YEAR!

  • Meet with counselor - double check grad requirements, discuss other post-high school options. Make preliminary college list.

  • Create calendar of admission and financial aid deadlines

  • Plan final campus visits

  • Register for October - November, December test dates if taking/retaking SAT or ACT

  • Request teacher recommendations

  • Draft common application essay


  • Work hard in your classes

  • Attend admission rep visits at the high school

  • Complete financial aid forms (FAFSA)

  • Polish Common App essay; begin supplemental essays (if required)

  • Finalize list of schools to apply to

  • Complete Early Decisions and or early application(s) if applying early.

  • Keep up with and enjoy extracurricular activities

  • Create personal in the cloud storage for important documents to have ready when needed.


  • Prepare to submit regular decision applications in advance of deadlines

  • Schedule virtual or in-person interviews if available

  • Clean up social media accounts

  • Research and apply for scholarships

  • Take care of your health

Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!


  • Follow up with teachers/counselor about recommendations

  • Send test scores and transcripts

  • Complete Common Application and supplements if needed

  • Submit applications before winter break so you can enjoy the holidays!

Enjoy the Winter Break with your Family!


  • Submit applications to colleges with late deadlines

  • Send fall semester grade reports (keep copies in your personal cloud storage)

  • Follow up with schools to make sure your applications are complete

  • Considering a gap year or an alternative to college? Research Options.


  • Stay engaged with high school (watch out for SENIORITIS)

  • Continue to apply for scholarships

  • Check out your LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS!

  • Order Graduation Announcements


It may be time to celebrate your offers of admission!

  • Compare financial aid awards

  • Think about summer! (Jobs, Internships, volunteer, travel?)

  • Make graduation party plans with family & friends

  • Focus on SELF-CARE


  • Attend "admitted student'' events at colleges you are considering

  • Decide whether to accept waitlist spots (if offered)

  • Keep grades up - the college you accept will require a final transcript.

  • Choose your college and mail the deposit by the required date - usually May 1st, but does vary.


  • Take any college tests need. AP tests may accept scores for course credits

  • Inform counselor/teachers who wrote recommendations of your choice (and write thank you notes!)

  • Research first-year housing options; connect with potential roommates