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Belmond-Klemme Partners with Iowa Specialty Hospital

Exciting news!

Belmond-Klemme Schools will be partnering with Iowa Specialty Hospital to offer telemedicine visits for BK students and staff at Jacobson elementary!

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A telemedicine visit is when the patient that is sick is able to be seen by a provider via video software. The visit will take place in a private office at Jacobson elementary and be coordinated by an onsite certified medical assistant. Through the telemedicine visit, the provider will be able to see and hear all of the things that they would normally check during a clinic visit; including the patient's lung and heart sounds, as well as checking their ears or throat. Additionally, certain tests, like strep and influenza, will also be able to be run onsite, saving a visit to the clinic. If the patient needs medicine or antibiotics, those prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy at the conclusion of the visits, making it even easier and faster for the patient to start feeling better soon!

Even though the visits will be conducted at Jacobson elementary, the service is available to all staff and students in both buildings.

Offering telemedicine visits in schools offers many benefits for our students, parents, and staff. Most importantly, access to care can help ensure that our students and staff miss minimal time within their classrooms. Additionally, telemedicine within the schools helps reduce the time away from work for parents.

The cost of a telemedicine visit will be $35, payable by cash or credit card. This money will be collected prior to the visit, and cards can be run over the phone in instances where the parent is not able to attend the visit. Additional testing fees of $15 per test may be required as well. For example, if your child requires a strep and influenza test, you will be charged an additional $30 at the conclusion of your visit. There will be a limited number of waivers available for patients that qualify for payment assistance.

Further information will also be released on the hospital and school's websites and social media pages when equipment testing is finished, and appointments are available.

Contact the Kim Wilson at the Belmond Clinic with any questions: 641-444-3223

** Important to note, this service is intended for students and staff that become sick at school. We ask that students that are sick prior to school remain at home and visit their regular doctor if necessary. As always, we want to ensure the health and safety of our entire student body, and following appropriate rules for containing illnesses are a key piece of that process!