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Bus Stop Updated Times/Locations!

bus stop

  • 7:15 corner of E Main St and 2nd St (across from town mart) bus #5
  • 7:15 corner of E Main St and S 4th St (across from park) Bus#24
  • 7:17 Jerusalem St (Ritters) Bus #5
  • 7:17 corner of Pauls Dr and Taft Ave. Bus #24


  • 7:24 Main street in front of  fire station bus #12


  • 7:33 In front of old post office Bus #24


  • 7:35 Main St w and 4th ave SW (The hill) Bus #8
  • 7:50 2nd St Se and 4th ave SE (south of the hospital) Bus #7


Be early to the bus stops as these times are close estimates times vary and may have to be adjusted. We may have to assign students to certain bus stops in Klemme so we can maintain the least amount of numbers of students on each bus. Please note the times and locations as some have changed this year. There is no longer a stop on Luicks Lane and Windsor. The two stops on the south side have been combined to one stop. Make sure your student has a mask on. If a rider refuses to wear a mask they will not be allowed to ride. Please note if we start running low on drivers or have other concerns due to Covid-19 the bus stop on the south side of Belmond may be eliminated at anytime!!!