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2nd Grade Families -  Mrs. Krieps & Ms. Smith

2nd grade
Dear 2nd Grade Families,

This is a stressful and unknown time for all of us right now.  We will be providing some resources for your student during this time.  Nothing is mandatory, but we strongly recommend that your child does some of these things.  We don’t want anything to be overwhelming for parents, especially if you are still working full time.  We would like reading, math, and writing to be the priority.    Even though we are in school full days, we recommend not having your child work over a few hours a day.  They need some time to engage in conversation, drawing/coloring, and creative play. Below are some suggested activities and suggested time frames.

Math:  (30 minutes)

We are sending home math review sheets for two and three digit addition and subtraction.  Zearn also is set up to practice with this concept.  If they get through these lessons, it will just continue on.  Freckle is also an online math program where they can choose different skills to practice.  Xtra math is a fact program, however we have not used this with the kids yet. 

Writing: (30 minutes)

We are sending home the student’s writing notebooks. They can free write in their notebooks and we are sending home some writing prompts, if some guidance is needed.  Up until now, the focus has been on writing.  We were just starting to get into more of the mechanics of writing. 

Reading: (30 minutes) 

The most important is for the kids to read.  We are sending home some books, but they can just read books from home as well.  Epic also has many online books for them to read.  I would monitor the epic to make sure they are reading the books and not just swiping through to the end.  There are also videos on there, but that wouldn’t be part of the books and would be extra. 

Some recommended website resources:

Zearn aligns with our EngageNY Math curriculum and is a good way to review or practice upcoming math modules. Your student will continue on with our current math module and continue on to future modules.

Freckle is a great math and literacy website that is standards based.  They may take a pre-test to see what skills they need.

EPIC is a website where students can read books or have books read to them.

Normally EPIC costs money to use at home, but during this time, it is free during school hours.

This website is a resource for math facts but the 2nd graders have not had experience with this website before.

Please let us know if you have any questions. The best way to reach us is through class dojo, email, or by text. Please feel free to call if your student just wants to chat for a few minutes.  We are here to help if you need anything.  I will be thinking about the kids more than you know and I hope this time is not too stressful for you or the kids.



Mrs. Krieps
Phone: 515-320-0969

Ms. Smith
Phone: 515-460-1503