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5th grade has been working really hard the first month of e-learning!  Check it out!


Reading:  We ask that your child reads for at least 20 minutes each day. Each child has checked out books from Mrs. Hauegn’s classroom, or has them waiting for them to pick up at the school. Each day, Mrs. Haugen sends out a video explaining what students are to do for the day, via Google Classroom and Bloomz.  Lessons for reading/language/writing/ and science will be found on this video. We will begin reading a novel in the near future.  Each day the students will have an assigned section of The Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  They have a paper copy of the questions that go with each chapter.

Writing:  Students are given a daily writing assignment via the video posted on Bloomz and Google Classroom each day.  They may write in their writer’s notebooks, or type these writing assignments on a Google Doc and share with Mrs. Haugen

Science: Each packet that was available for pick-up/or sent home had a magazine called SuperScience.  We will be working with those, as well as doing experiments and activities.  As with Mrs. Haugen’s other subjects, each day the assignment will be discussed on the morning video.

Math:  Students will begin this journey working on skills using our DynaMath resource, then we will go back to using Khan Academy to continue our 5th grade Eureka Math/Engage NY curriculum.  Students are familiar with both means of learning.  They should continue to practice fact fluency on XtraMath whenever possible.  Students that have demonstrated mastery of the addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts have been assigned Khan mastery goals and should continue to work on those goals.  For additional math practice, they may also login to their Prodigy account.

Social Studies:  Before this break, we just started reading and discussing Chapter 9 in our American History textbook, Our Nation.  This chapter is about Breaking Ties w/Great Britain.  Topics include: Taxation without Representation; First Battles of the American Revolution; & the Declaration of Independence.  Students were sent home with their textbooks.  I have also created a digital copy that is on Google Classroom.  Assignments, study tools, and the test will be on Google Classroom. There was one assignment the students should have in their Bram folder.  If they have misplaced that, I will put that on Google Classroom as well.  After this chapter in American History, we will return to Iowa Studies, which is our online curriculum.  Students have been using these modes of learning all year.

We will continue to communicate with you through Bloomz and/or Google Classroom! - Mrs. Haugen & Ms. Bram