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Ms. Imsande's Music Corner
kids signing

Hello all!


First, I miss you all very much! Secondly, we are going to make the most of this remote learning and explore the different ways we can learn music. My main goal is to make sure you find a way to enjoy music and discover different artists during this pause in instruction.



  • Try out the different activities I have found/created for you.

  • Send me a message at least once a week about something musical going on in your learning. Email, screen castify, Google hangouts, discussion board.

  • Find popular music that is appropriate/uplifting during this time and share it with me. I will make a playlist called, “Sunshine” and add your ideas to it. 

  • Subscribe to my Youtube channel by typing Jackie Imsande and check out some of the things that I have been up to. (adding more soon)


Create and Learn: 

Learn, Explore and Sing:

April 23rd Concert Preparation: (these songs are uplifting and fun for ANYONE!)


I made google classroom for each grade in hopes of including some discussions/sharing songs/videos. Please use this route to communicate with me weekly or simply send me an email with anything you have tried out at home. (even if it is a game-I am excited to hear from you)

  • 6th Grade Class code:  nwyk6ur

  • 5th Grade Class code: ndjbjrv

  • 4th Grade Class code: lm6vkxa

  • 3rd Grade Class code: hgmbtdj

  • 2nd Grade Class code: zp45lm5

  • 1st Grade Class code: asnves7

  • Kindergarten Class code: abnu5ty

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this information!

Thank you!

-Miss Imsande