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ROJ ONLINE Art e-learning - Mrs. Nelson

art graphicI have set up an Instagram account specifically for this named belmondklemmeqart (Belmond Klemme Quarantine art).

Document with info HERE

I will talk about the activities and challenges on this list each day. I will also post
resources from other art teachers.

I will host live posts.  These will include demonstrations, reading a book to them, instructions, and then check-ins.  Then I will save it in the stories so that kids can access it at any time.
  • Students will be able to follow the account and post their own artwork to the page using the hashtag #belmondklemmeqart IF THEY WANT. Or you can email photos of work as well to for feedback or to just share
  • Create a student  or parent account.  It can be PRIVATE so only I see what you post if you let me follow you.
  • People who follow this hashtag can see what you post.
  • It should be ONLY art class related.
  • It does not need to include a photo of the student.
  • You do not have to post! You can just follow the account to get the resources!
  • This should allow me to have direct contact with the kiddos (indirectly).  They can see exactly what I am doing, they can post what they are doing, we can comment back and forth, and the kids can have interaction with each other as well.
  • I am planning to put together kits of simple supplies that I have in backstock to share