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team 3rd gradeHELLO 3rd Grade! 

Thank you for being patient with us as this is new to all of us! The third grade team met and came up with a list of resources that your child can use during our time away from school. 

Math:  We have made accounts on Zearn for students to begin learning our next module on fractions. Zearn will be new to most students but the website is not hard to navigate. Please contact us through Dojo or email with any problems. We encourage students to complete a lesson a day. They are then encouraged to work on other math skills found on Freckle and Prodigy. They have used these resources and are already familiar with them. We will be sending login information in case your child doesn’t remember how to login.

Reading:  We ask that your child reads for at least 20 minutes each day. They can continue to take reading counts quizzes from home. They can access this through the school website under ‘Student’ and then ‘ROJ Links’. We understand that the library is closed at this time. Students are familiar with Epic in the classroom. It is usually a paid app for parents but they have made it available at no charge through June 30th. We will be sending an invitation to your email so that students can access this great app at home. They love reading stories and watching videos on Epic! :) Freckle also provides reading and language activities through the ELA tab (students know what this is). 

Writing:  If you currently have writing materials at home we encourage the students to write a little bit each day. This could include the following: a little write-up about their day, a summary about what they are reading, write a story, activities they are doing at home, etc.! If your student does not have any writing materials at home they may pick up a notebook in the office!

**Those that do not have access to the internet: Please have your students practice math facts like multiplication and division, as well as addition and subtraction. As always, please have them continue reading and writing! 

We encourage that your child spends 1-2 hours a day working on these skills. If you ever have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)

We will continue to communicate with you all through Class Dojo or email! 

Thank You!

The Third Grade Team