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BKCSD Bus Pickup & Locations!
 on August 19, 2019

In town morning pick up times.  The new school year is once again upon us. These pick up times are approximate please be 5 minutes early for the first week or so until routes are fully established and times set. Any questions feel free to call Jon Swenson, Transportation Director at 641-444-4300 ext 2240


Thank you

Jon Swenson

Transportation Director BKCSD



7:20     Corner of main Street and 4th Street

7:22     Corner of Pauls Drive and Morningside

7:25     Corner of East Main and 2nd St (Across the street from town mart)

7:26     Ritter’s

7:27     Abele’s



7:40     In front of old post office



7:20     In front of fire station



7:40     In between 3rd Ave SW and 4th Ave SW on 1st St. SW (the hill)

7:45      Corner of 2nd Ave SE and 2nd St SE (south of bowling alley)

7:42      Corner of Windsor and Luicks Lane       

7:45      In between 1st St SE and 2nd St SE east on 6th Ave

 on July 31, 2019

Jacobson Elementary Pre-School teachers will be hosting an open house on Monday, September 9th, 2019, for all incoming pre-school students.   Parents/Guardians and students can visit the classroom, meet the teachers, and ask questions!

Belmond-Klemme Welcomes the NEW Teachers!
BY: Trish Morris on August 12, 2019

Belmond-Klemme Schools is very fortunate to add quality teachers to our already amazing staff.    Stay tuned as photos and short bios are added!  Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

First Grade - Catherine Moeller

Fourth Grade -  Mariana Henrichs

Fourth Grade - Leah Sudtelgte

6th Grade - Kelsey Nierengarten

High School Vocal Music - Maddie Allen

 on August 05, 2019

To register your students from the comfort of your own home, click on the link below!


Once completed, please log onto your parent portal account to pay your fees!   The portal makes this easy.. select your fees, add them to your cart and check out!

Parent Portal Link

Forgot your portal password?  CLICK HERE

Forgot your portal username?  CLICK HERE

Online Registration Q & A
 on August 08, 2019

How in the world does this work?  

Q: How do I pay for registration for my students?
A: You would need to log onto Parent Portal and then select FEES from the left menu.  
Q: What if I do not remember my username/password? 
A: Go the the link on our FB page, or on our web page. Select Parent Portal. Directly under the log in area you will find options to reset your password and to find out what your username is.   If you do not have an account, email Trish Morris - Technology Director, and she will set one up for you.
Q: What's the deal with some of the fees that are showing up on my account? 
A: The new interface allows users to select what fees/items are put in the 'cart'. If there is a fee there that you do not need, or are not able to pay for at this time, you can add to your cart later, or not add to your cart at all. Please note: The book fees are mandatory unless you fill out and qualify for a waiver.
Q: I am not able to access the link on the web page or on Face Book
A: The registration interface doesn't always 'like' browsers from cell phones or tablets. If you are having issues, it is best to use a computer. The school - at Jacobson Elementary, and the public library has computers that can be utilized if you do not have access to a computer.

** If you have any other questions, please let us know! We are here to help!

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