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Belmond-Klemme CSD Vision, Mission, Foundation of Beliefs and Strategic Policies

Vision Statement
                Our students are the key to the 21st century – becoming lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and caring individuals.
Mission Statement
The Belmond-Klemme Community School District is committed to excellence and lifelong learning for All.
Foundation of Beliefs
  • Academic excellence is paramount
  • All students can and will learn
  • The communities of the school district will work together to promote a safe and positive learning environment
  • All students will be treated in a fair and equitable manner
  • The education system will challenge students of all ability levels to be their best
  • Learning is a lifelong journey
Strategic Policies
  • Learning will be purposeful, challenging, stimulating, and rewarding for ALL students
  • High academic performance will be required
  • Community involvement will be an integral part of school planning
  • Discrimination of any form will not be tolerated
  • Ineffective employees will be not tolerated
  • Emphasis and resources will focus on academic achievement for the PreK-12 instructional programs