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Glad you found us, this the my Welcome Page. My name is Patrick Kelley and I am the Alternative School Director. I Began my career at BKHS in 1981 as the Agriculture Education instructor and I taught in that position for 26 years. During my last two years in that position I decided to return to school and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Masters in Educational Administration in 2008. After completing my degree I was offered the position of the Alternative School Director and I have served in that capacity for the past 8 years. 

The Alternative School program is available to all students on a full or part time basis and is available for students in grades 9 through 12. The program is set up to serve non traditional students on an individual basis who need additional support. Referral forms for the alternative school can be picked up at the main school office or from the guidance office. If students meet the criteria of the alternative school and space is available students may be placed in the Alternative School program. If you have further questions you can also call me at 641-444-4300  ext. 2110