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Belmond-Klemme Schools Athletic/Activities

Belmond-Klemme is fortunate to have exceptional support (financial and feet on the ground) of the various Booster Clubs.  The members of each club are dedicated to the success of our student athletes and the programs they participate in. 
The Belmond-Klemme Sports and Extracurricular Booster Clubs goals are to encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship and to promote high standards of integrity among all of our students, as well as support student and parent involvement in athletics/extracurricular activities as active participants, members, spectators and volunteers.  Our primary purpose is to raise funds to support the various financial needs of the athletic/extracurricular programs.  We believe that these programs are a vital part of the learning process and support all programs at Belmond-Klemme.


Booster Clubs are dedicated to promoting staff, parent and community involvement to provide the funding necessary to give BK students the resources needed to maximize their potential.  The amount of support we provide is a direct result of the funds raised through our various activities.  

Participation as a member, volunteer or spectator not only increases the success of the BK Athletic & Fine Arts Department, but also teaches our students the importance of community involvement. 

Together, the Booster Clubs and supporters can help develop each student's skills, knowledge and values necessary for continued intellectual growth, moral development and service to others.