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ROJ Staff Directory

Richard O. Jacobson Elementary Staff welcomes communications from students, parents and community members.  Below is the staff list email information and classroom extension.   Please note;  staff may not always be able to answer their classroom phone during class time.   If you have any questions, or need to communicate with your student's teacher click on the email link, or copy/paste the staff email into your email interface.

To contact the main office call; 641-444-4300 ext 1321
To report your student absent, follow the prompts on the greeting.

Principal Mark Young can be reached via email at EMAIL HERE or by telephone at 641-444-4300 ext. 1322
Deb Bell   3rd Ext. 1077
Annie Bram   5th Ext. 1034
Leah Deutsch   6th Ext. 1036
Lori Green   SPED 2-3 Ext. 1108
Kelly Eide   SPED 5-6 Ext. 1068
Mindy Fahrmann   2nd Ext. 1084
Jackie Imsande   Vocal Music Ext.  1008
Claudia Guerrero   ELL Ext. 1107
Connie Halfpop   ELL Ext. 1058
Kendra Haugen   5th Ext. 1033
Nicki Jass   SPED PS-K Ext. 1078
Deb Jenison   K Ext. 1092
Paula Jenison   4th Ext. 1038
Angie Kinseth   SPED 3-4 Ext. 1040
Kim Kuhlers   Title I Ext. 1081
Tiffany  Ahrens   6th Ext. 1037
Felicia Maas   3rd Ext. 1070
Marne Markwardt   K Ext. 1088
Nicole Nelson   Art Ext. 1006
Katie Landhuis   PE Ext. 1031
Anne Plagge   Counselor Ext. 1105
Dan Renwick   4th Ext. 1039
Christine Schultz   TLC (Coach) Ext. 1058
Tori Schulz   K Ext. 1069
Dennett Showalter   Nurse Ext. 1124/2125
Melissa Sifert   PS4 Ext. 1096
Ashley Smith   2nd Ext. 1199
Joleen Smith   Title 1 4-6 Ext. 1080
Barb Soma   TAG Ext. 1062
Alex Steinman   SPED 1-2 Ext. 1078
Mike Stittsworth   Band Ext. 1057
Mollie Osterman   1st Ext. 1083
Wanda Torkelson   Title 1 K-3 Ext. 1067
Tiffany Waller   4th Ext. 1032
Amanda Walter   1st Ext. 1093
Nicki  Jass   PS3 Ext. 1100
Courtney VanBeek   1st Ext. 1081
Missy Krieps   3rd Ext.  1080
Department Director Contact Information
Greg Fisher Activities Director/HS Principal greg.fisher@bkcsd.org ext. 2126
Jon Swenson Transportation Director jon.swenson@bkcsd.org ext. 2240
Cory Heifner Buildings & Grounds Director cory.heifner@bkcsd.org ext. 2147
Trish Morris Technology Director trish.morris@bkcsd.org  ext. 2222
Kim Belstene Food Service Director kim.belstene@bkcsd.org ext. 1116
Dennett Showalter Nurse/Health Services dennett.showalter@bkcsd.org ext. 1124

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