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Zach Howell - 7-12 Choir Director/ Thespian Advisor

Photo of Mr. Howel in a tuxedo, portraitWelcome to my webpage!  I will be starting my fourth year at BK and I am excited to be here!  I am very proud of our students and   the  great work that we have accomplished. In addition to high marks at state contests in both show choir and concert choir, enrollment for the choral program has increased steadily over the  past few years. Starting in the fall of 2017, we will have over 90 kids in our 7-12 choral program. We are VERY excited to get started and to see where this year takes us! Please stay up to date with this webpage so you are able to stay informed on what is going on.

Musical Cast List POSTED HERE
*Any questions regarding casting needs to be addressed starting Monday. Have a good weekend! -Mr. Howell 

New Things To Expect This School Year
Fall Musical For the first time at Belmond-Klemme, the big Thespian Production will be held in the fall (November 3,4,5). Student directed one acts originally in the fall will be moved to the Spring. Students who are interested in participating in the fall musical are encouraged to visit the musical webpage and download a audition packet. This musical is open to all 9-12 grade students. 
One to One Computers We are very fortunate at BK that we will be a one-to-one school with each student receiving a Macbook air to enhance student's learning and education.  In the music department, students will be using some new software to assist with both the band and choral classroom. Information regarding this new software is below. Please look at the info so you are able to become more familiar with it.
Smart Music- This software is internet browser based. This software will allow students to practice music taught and sung/played in class and allow them to submit recordings of their singing with the music and built in microphone in their laptops. For choir, students are going to submit their weekly recordings thru this tool for lesson grades. (More information to come in the fall). For more info on Smart Music, visit their website here.
Google Classroom- Since all students have a Google email account, students will receive written or responsive assignments through Google Classroom. Students will need to know their login credentials and will need to be sure to bring their computers when asked and directed during the school year.
Charms Office Assistant- This is a new software that will be used across the entire 7-12 music program. Fundraising efforts, music inventory, parent email, contact information, concert attire as well as show choir and marching band attire will all be registered through this system. This will be a very good resource for students and parents to stay up to date with the music departments in addition to the school website. 

News and Information for the Vocal Music Department can be found HERE.

My Contact Info:
Phone: 641-444-4300 (ext. 2134)