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5th Grade:  Both of our 5th grade teachers are continuing to provide online lessons and assignments. Generally, your student is used to this routine and should be capable of doing these lessons without your assistance.  Students are required to complete the assignments as set out below. The following information applies to all students, who normally rotate through both classrooms:

Reading/Language Arts/Science (Mrs. Haugen)-  Using our new CCC curriculum, students will have reading assignments and new lessons on vocabulary.  The CCC writing segments are also an important part of the CCC curriculum, so regular writing assignments will be assigned.  I will send all 5th graders a video every morning for reading/language/and science. It is required that students watch the video because I will be teaching them lessons. The lesson is posted for kids on Google Classroom every morning by 7:00 a.m. The students are asked a Google question to answer. This is how I take attendance. Parents are sent an email at 7:00 via Bloomz with a list of that day’s assignments. There will be 1-2 hours of work per day Monday-Thursday. Fridays I will email each child with any late work from the week that they need to work on that day.  There is still a video on Google Classroom on Fridays, that they need to comment on. Students who don’t have access to the internet will get packets sent home. Please let us know when they are complete, so more work can be prepared! Students are encouraged, by both teachers, to email or Google chat/video whenever they need. Zoom sessions with Ms. Bram and myself will be on every Monday at 1:00 and as needed on other days. -Mrs. Haugen

Math/Social Studies (Ms. Bram)- Online work for Math and Social Studies may be assigned Monday-Friday via Google Classroom or Khan Academy.  Assignments are expected to be completed daily. Parents will be notified Monday morning of the plans for the week and sent daily reminders via Bloomz. If your student has limited or no internet activity please contact me and the materials your 5th grader needs will be mailed to you.  If you are receiving materials via mail, they will need to be returned to the school or mailed/emailed to me in order for your student to receive credit. If a student is not completing his/her work, I will contact the student first. If the work is still not being completed, a parent will be contacted.  Thank you for your diligence during this time. - Ms. Bram


Other resources that are available to all students and families at Belmond-Klemme:

Mrs. Plagge- Counselor: or email her at

Title 1 Reading:

Mrs. Nelson- Art: or email her at and watch videos at

Ms. Landhuis- P.E.: or check out her YouTube site   or email her at

Ms. Imsande- Music:  or check out her music lessons coming soon on the website, or email her at

Mr. Stittsworth- Band:, 5-12 Band Information or email him at


Check out Mr. Young’s YouTube channel at: or email him at