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1st Grade: Both of our 1st grade teachers will be providing daily lessons and assignments using Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Although students typically receive their instruction in their individual classroom, Ms. Van Beek and Ms. Moeller  are collaborating daily in an effort to ensure that their students are receiving the same basic instruction. Your student is used to this curriculum. Students may need assistance with learning how to navigate this new system of completing and turning in assignments. 


The 1st grade teachers will be communicating daily with students and families on what is happening daily and weekly. Teachers can be contacted through their Class Dojo and their email. 


Reading/Phonics: students will be completing reading and phonic assignments based off of our VoWac Phonic curriculum and CCC curriculum. 


Writing: students will be completing writing assignments based off of our CCC curriculum. 


Math: students will be watching instructional videos on the teachers youtube channels. The assignments will be based off of our Eureka Math Curriculum. 


If you need assistance in creating or opening your student’s email and other school accounts/sites, please email or message on Class Dojo your student’s teacher as soon as possible or contact the Jacobson school office.


Other resources that are available to all students and families at Belmond-Klemme:

Mrs. Plagge- Counselor: or email her at

Title 1 Reading: 

Mrs. Nelson- Art: or email her at and watch videos at

Ms. Landhuis- P.E.: or check out her YouTube site   or email her at

Ms. Imsande- Music:  or check out her music lessons coming soon on the website, or email her at


Check out Mr. Young’s YouTube channel at: or email him at