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Kindergarten:   Our three Kindergarten teachers are continuing to provide daily lessons and assignments using SeeSaw.  Although students typically receive their instruction in their individual classroom, Ms. Markwardt, Mrs. Jenison and Mrs. Schulz are collaborating daily in an effort to ensure that their students are receiving the same basic instruction.  Although they may need help to log into their device, your child is capable of doing these lessons on their own. 

We are asking that parents check in with their student’s teacher at least twice per week, once between Saturday and Wednesday, and again between Wednesday and Saturday. Responding to SeeSaw messages or turning in assignments is considered a check-in.  


Reading/Language Arts:  We are continuing to utilize our  CCC curriculum (Being a Reader and Making Meaning) as we have been doing all year, students will have reading assignments and writing assignments will continue as well. 


Math: Using our Eureka modules, teachers will be providing daily lessons live or on video and there will be problem sets to complete as well as reviews of the areas covered in the lessons. The modules will be available at the office or can be picked up with lunch drop-offs if you let your teacher know that you would prefer this method.  


If they need help, Kindergarten teachers will occasionally have zoom sessions and are communicating via SeeSaw messages; you can always contact their teacher via email.   



Mrs. Plagge- Counselor: or email her at

Title 1 Reading: 

Mrs. Nelson- Art: or email her at and watch videos at

Ms. Landhuis- P.E.: or check out her YouTube site   or email her at

Ms. Imsande- Music:  or check out her music lessons coming soon on the website, or email her at


Check out Mr. Young’s YouTube channel at: or email him at