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Notification Regarding Participation in a Research Study

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Dr. Scott Bull and I am a sport management faculty member at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa.  We are working with the Iowa High School Athletic Association on a study regarding participation in high school football in Iowa. The purpose of the study is to discover reasons for students participating and not participating in the sport of football.  All male high school students in Iowa are being invited to participate in an anonymous survey, which will be conducted in the student’s school.  The IHSAA is facilitating this communication with you to give you the opportunity to decide if you would like your student to participate. 

If you and your student agree to participate, we will ask him to complete a short survey to be given at the school in the next two weeks.  The survey will be completed online using a school computer and no personally identifiable information will be collected. If a student indicates at any time that he does not want to participate, he will be thanked and will not participate.

Risks and Discomforts:
There are no anticipated risks to this study beyond what you would encounter in everyday life.

Possible Benefits:
Your student will not receive any benefits from participation in the study.  Participation will add to the knowledge on students’ reasons for playing football, or not playing football, in High School.

The survey is expected to take between two and ten minutes to complete.

No personally identifiable information will be collected.  If a report of this study is published, only group results will be presented.

Payment/ Compensation Disclaimer:
The participants will not be paid for completing the survey.


Questions can be directed to Grand View University Institutional Review Board Chairperson, Dr. Bryan McQuide, 515-263-2993, or the principal investigator, Dr. Scott Bull, 515-263-2942,

Explanation of Ability to Decline Participation:

This study is completely voluntary.  Parents or students may decide that the student should not participate.  Students can refuse to answer any or all questions or can discontinue the survey at any time with no penalty and no action will be taken against you or your student.

Consent to participate:

Should you choose to allow your student to participate, you understand that the research will be conducted at school with your student taking a short online survey.  You have the right to ask questions, contact the principal investigator or the Institutional Review Board Chairperson at Grand view University.

Thank you,

Dr. Scott Bull

Grand View University

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