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Basin Electric Scholarship
Deadline: Mid-February 
ISU Theatre Scholarship
Deadline: Mid-November 
ISU Hixson Scholarship
$16,000 Scholarship awarded to 1 student in Wright County
Deadline: January 1
Iowa Know How to Go Scholarship
Deadline: Mid-February
JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: 1st of January
DMACC Scholarship

BBB Student of Integrity
50% Essay on a situation you have faced that required you to demonstrate an understanding of ethical decision making in 1,000 words or less. This is a $2,500 scholarship due January 21st. 
Mensa Scholarship
Deadline: January 15th
Award based completely on essay written by the applicant.
UNI Scholarships
Children's Cancer Connection Scholarship - Due End of May
Iowa School Counselor Association Scholarship
Deadline: January 7
The Hagan Scholarship
Deadline: Mid-November 
Masonic Lodge Scholarships
Deadline: February 1
Technical Scholarship Deadline: March 1

Iowa Newspaper Foundation
Deadline: Early February
Mediacom Scholarship
Deadline: Early February
WACE Co-op Scholarship
Deadline: Mid-February
Farm Bureau Scholarship
Deadline: March 1st
MaxYield Agricultural Scholarship
$1,000 to 6 students in pursuit of agriculture curriculum. Deadline: March 1
Iowa 4H scholarships
Deadline: February 1
Iowa Student Loan Scholarship

Iowa Ready Mix Scholarship

Iowa College Aid

Bright Scholars of Iowa
Full-ride scholarship to University of Iowa, ISU, UNI, DMACC or Indian Hills CC.
DMACC Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: Varies
NIACC Scholarships

Collegeboard Hispanic Scholarship Fund Due Mid-February