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Weather conditions may force the closing of school early in the day. If this should happen it may find some parents away from home. It is suggested that parents make arrangements with friends or neighbors to have their children stay with them in a situation of this kind. We will be using the emergency information card that parents/guardians provided to us at registration.

In the event of adverse weather, the district will more than likely need to make decisions on late starts, early dismissals, or school cancelations. If we do, please stay tuned to the following stations as announcements will be made on our website, BK's Facebook pageGov.Delivery Alert System and:

  • KLSS/FM 106.1 Mason City
  • KQCR - 98.9 FM
  • KLMJ/FM 104.9 Hampton
  • KIOW/FM 107.3 Forest City
  • TV - KIMT Channel 3  Mason City
  • TV - KCCI Channel 8
  • TV - WHO Channel 13
  • TV - WOI Channel 5