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BK 7-12 Staff Directory

The Belmond-Klemme 7-12 Staff welcomes communications from students, parents and community members.  Below is the 7-12 staff list email information and classroom extension.   Please note;  staff may not always be able to answer their classroom phone during class time.  If you have any questions, or need to communicate with your student's teacher click on the email link, or copy/paste the staff email into your email interface.

Cynthia Jensen -  BK 7-12 Principal can be reached by email: ;or 444.4300 ext 2126
To contact the main office call Judy Aldridge or Shawna Negrete ; 641-444-4300 ext 2221
To report your student absent, follow the prompts on the greeting.

To contact a teacher, the email is first name . last name
James Severson AD/AT Risk   ext. 2129
Debbie Barkela Ag   ext. 2154
Pat Kelley Alternative School   ext. 2110
Patty Reed Art   ext. 2107
Diena Mennenga Business Teacher   ext. 2121
Ethan Albertson Counselor   ext. 2241
Tiffany Landrum ELL   ext. 2130
Leo Livingston English   ext. 2123
Austin Lich English   ext. 2105
Candie Cueva English   ext. 2106
Wendy Meints FACs   ext. 2116
David Butler Industrial Technology   ext. 2161
Josh Wessels JH Math/ JH Science   ext. 2112
Shannon Wadsley Math   ext. 2104
Tammy Swenka Math   ext. 2102
Dylan Block Math    ext. 2100
Jerry Lane Physical Education   ext. 2143/2141
Joel Bagley Science   ext. 2117
Brandi Juhl Science   ext 2120
Justin Meyer TLC Leader   ext. 2113
Adam Anthony Social Studies   ext. 2114
John Sifert Spanish   ext. 2119
Jennifer Pruismann Special Education   ext. 2123
Traci Sturgeon Special Education   ext. 2122
Julie Ysker Special Education   ext. 2099
Marilyn Janssen Special Education   ext. 2099
Dani Schon TAG   ext. 1062
Leigh Jass Social Studies   ext. 2127
Madeline Allen Vocal/Drama   ext. 2134
Department Director Contact Information    
Cynthia Jensen Principal   ext. 2126
Jon Swenson Transportation Director   ext. 2240
Cory Heifner Buildings & Grounds Director   ext. 2147
Trish Morris Technology Director   ext. 2222
Kim Belstene Food Service Director   ext. 2137
Holly Friederich Nurse/Health Services   ext. 2125
James Severson Activities Director/At-Risk Coord.   ext 2129
Callie Stein Dean of Students / At Risk   ext 2146