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The Belmond-Klemme Junior/Senior High School strives to meet the needs of our students through in-person and distance learning opportunities.  During this school year, our families have had to make difficult decisions to be safe.  If parent(s) would like for their child(ren) to beginning distance learning please fill out the distance learning form and submit to Ethan Albertson, guidance counselor, or Greg Fisher, Principal.  Your students are expected to meet all the expectations set forth by the distance learning contract.  If at any time during the distance learning process you or your student(s) have any difficulties please call Ethan Albertson or Greg Fisher.  According to board policy students who are attending school through distance learner methods are not eligible for extra-curricular activities.  If you notice your son or daughter is struggling with mental health issues while enrolled as a distance learner please contact Ethan Albertson at 641-444-4300 ex 2241.  Ethan will visit with your son or daughter to create opportunities for them to converse with classmates through zoom meetings and Facetime.

Las escuelas secundarias y preparatorias de Belmond-Klemme see esfuerzan por satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes a través de oportunidades de aprendizaje en persona y a distancia.  Si desea queue sus hijos se conviertan en estudiantes a distancia, complete el formulario de educación a distancia y envíelo a Ethan Albertson,, o Greg Fisher,  De acuerdo con la politica de la junta, los estudiantes que asisten a la escuela a través de métodos de aprendizaje a distancia no son elegibles para actividades extracurriculares. Si nota que su hijo o hija esta luchando con problemas de salud mental mientras esta inscrito como alumno a distancia, comuníquese con Ethan Albertson al 641-444-4300 ex 2241.  Ethan visitara a su hijo / hija tratando de crear oportunidades para conversar con sus compañeros de clase a través del zoom y Facetime fuera del entorno normal de la clase. 

Greg Fisher
BK 7-12 Principal
411 10th Avenue NE
Belmond, IA 50421
641.444.4300 ext 2126