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Belmond-Klemme Jr./Sr. High School is a 7-12 school of over 350 students.  We embrace the district goals of having students who are lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and caring individuals.  Belmond-Klemme is a district comprised of the four communities of Belmond, Goodell, Klemme, and Rowan.  As Principal at Belmond-Klemme Jr./Sr. High School, academics are our number one priority.  The staff set the bar high for our students and the students at Belmond-Klemme have never disappointed us.  We have outstanding students at Belmond-Klemme, who are very involved in not only academics and extra-curricular events, but also helping out with their communities.  The staff at Belmond-Klemme are highly qualified educators who consistently work at improving learning in the school and devote themselves to providing the best educational experiences for our students.  Welcome to Belmond-Klemme, Home of the Broncos!

Greg Fisher
BK 7-12 Principal
411 10th Avenue NE
Belmond, IA 50421
641.444.4300 ext 2126