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I am in my 9th year teaching, 8th year at Belmond-Klemme!  I teach a wide variety of classes from support services, social studies electives, and co-teach in a variety of math classes!  I love what I do, and think that everyday is awesome!  Click here for my personal jam!

On this site you can find all kinds of useful information!  Under the "Lesson Plans" tab you can find weekly lesson plans and information on upcoming assignments and tests.  Under the "Course Information" tab you can find my daily schedule, weekly lessons, assignments given, and an online submission tool that allows you to submit assignments online to Mrs. Stein!  Under the "Classroom Resources" tab you can find links to helpful websites, worksheets, and video links that will provide for obtaining additional copies of materials handed out in class, videos shown in class, study materials, and any other useful tools that Mrs. Stein finds!


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I love teaching!


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